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How would you ever know?
Sometimes cheesecake lies to you.
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Is there a big sign on the side of the bus that reads "Matt's rolling dope emporium"?
Friday. 6.20.08 4:13 pm
I wish I could tell you that I haven't been up to much. But that would be a lie. And lying is bad, supposedly.

I went to a Matthew Good show. Matthew Good has been one of my favorite music artists for awhile. I started listening to him in 2005 and, after finding a copy of the album 'Avalanche', I have always listened to him since. So that was pretty exciting for me (Plus he played two of my very favorite songs.), but I'll just link you to this review post of doom.

The truth is, I've been distracted. My internet connection is not the best. It goes out when it rains. I happen to live beside a lake, thus it rains about 5 times a week. I mostly just have time to read my blog feeds, go on livejournal and visit one forum (I am a legend there, so I am required.) On top of that, I have also been guest blogging at my mother's blog, looking for a job and taking some tests.

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Possibly one of the best covers I have ever heard.
Saturday. 4.12.08 10:23 pm

It's a cover of 'Maneater' by Nelly Furtado, but somewhat acoustic. It's good, check it out.

In other news.. I started using last.fm again (obviously I really do like that cover, by my 'most recently played' chart.). I haven't written much because Livejournal is pretty distracting, and I haven't really felt like writing much. I mean, there was stuff I could have written about that would have been a good read, but I can't write about it on a public journal (I have the same username on LJ as on here, if anyone wants to add me. I update once a day. Just let me know you're from here), so oh well. That's usually the case with anything interesting, it's always about other people.

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I'm a terrible person. I have e-fame, though! Does that count?
Friday. 3.14.08 11:31 pm
I keep neglecting my public journals. It's mostly because my internet connection is so slow, I only really have time to hang around and post on one site all the time. It probably also helps that I've been doing absolutely nothing. Well, up until the last month or so. Dad bought a tractor and I learned to drive it, which was pretty cool. I went to go visit my brother which was absolutely hilarious. One night we had some of his friends over and one guy kept hitting on him (while my brother's wife and the guy's girlfriend were there, even), and one of the things he said was "I think you're hot. I did not just say that out loud."

It was just the end part.. He's never going to hear the end of that one. there was also this card game we played called Fred, where you basically had to do a bunch of dares. since I'm a wuss, I disqualified myself from it right from the get-go and just watched everyone make fools of themselves (the phrase "Do I need to take my pants off?" was used.), which was quite entertaining.

I'm going to go see Matthew Good again in May, I'm pretty excited about it because it's full band. Good stuff! My mom's insisting we'll be meeting him again so she can get a picture this time :P

Oh, almost forgot! My family was in Readers Digest Canada. Not that I'm mentioned a whole lot, but man. Still pretty sweet. I've been in print before (local papers 3 or 4 times?) but not on a national scale (We've been in some homeschooling magazines and stuff, but that's not really something you could just say 'oh I was in such and such' and people would know what you were talking about.)

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Been busy
Saturday. 2.9.08 9:41 pm
Been busy with not doing much. Honestly, I've been holed up in my room reading books rather than spending as much time on the internet. Feel free to call me crazy.

The only interesting thing I've said since my last post was "Last night I read a novella about a guardless prison with magical transvestites. It was weird." (Seriously.)

I also haven't had anything to write about, due to the fact that I don't do anything particularly interesting.

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Things to do when you are bored/Can't get out of the house
Wednesday. 1.16.08 3:08 pm
Snow day? Rainy day? Just plain bored? Here's a list of things you can do:

1. Drink.. coffee. Find some instant coffee, make it about 4 times as strong as you're supposed to and chug it. Trust me, your boredom will be GONE! I don't recommend this for anytime after about 6 in the evening, because then you likely won't get any sleep. I also recommend putting way more sugar than you normally would in it, because it won't taste that great otherwise.

2. Find a lava lamp and a dark room, shut all the lights off, plug in the lava lamp (a fiber optics lamp works well too) and listen to something like Queens Of The Stone Age really loud on headphones. This is probably more amusing if you've already done step 1.

3. Make lists. Of songs, things to do, whatever. Lists. Make themed mix cd ideas.

4. Find an album in your collection that you haven't listened to yet.. listen to it.

5. Clean out your clothes.. find things that don't fit, or you don't want anymore. You could preform t-shirt surgery as well.

6. Code html. Or Javascript.

7. Make something. cook, do crafts, woodwork, something. I don't recommend doing this is you've done step 1.

8. did I mention the coffee part?

9. What I recommend NOT doing: Have a bottle of coke black and a can of red bull. You will get chest pains. It's not as fun as it sounds.

10. Stare off into space. You should already be doing this if you've done step 1.

11. Pretend to be someone else. Fill out one of those correspondence courses forms with false info.

12. Discover new music. Band you've never heard of? Check them out.

Okay, There's my list. Basically drink a bunch of coffee, listen to loud music and stare into space. it's more fun than it sounds. Oooh, and if it's a sunny day just run around in circles outside for awhile.

OKAY, NOW GUESS WHICH ONE I DID? *jumps up and down rapidly*

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Playing in the snow without a coat sure is FUN!
Wednesday. 1.9.08 1:14 pm
So yesterday for my livejournal, I did a picture entry of 'what I did today'.

One of those things was playing outside in the snow without a coat. Fun times. People assumed it was cold, And by some people I guess it might've been... 6 Celsius. That's all it was. Now, considering that the other day it was -23 out, That's pretty warm. There's still a load of snow on the ground, but that's because in places there was at least 4 feet of it. Do you think I'm crazy yet?

Seeing as I have little body fat to speak of, I can successfully say that I wasn't cold AT ALL. I'm not just saying it, I really wasn't cold.

So I was bored... Actually my sister started that. She named him 'pierre' and we later found out that he is actually French. Which I found freaky. Also, Because we wrote on him in French, All my Mom said was "HA! And you said you didn't know French..."

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