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How would you ever know?
Sometimes cheesecake lies to you.
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Nobody on the internets lies! EVER!!!!
Saturday. 12.29.07 6:41 pm
Amirite? I knew I was. Sometimes I go through freecycle lists to find people asking for expensive/stupid things. I'm on a community for it on livejournal, So I post stuff there sometimes, But I find some terribly amusing stuff. Like someone who wanted bridal stuff because the were opening a shop. Or the person looking for a Wii. It's pretty hilarious.

So, to the title of my entry. It's one of those things that I say sometimes, Usually when someone has mistaken me for a guy, Because the icon I usually use is of a guy. (It's also an album cover, but whatever) I do find it terribly amusing when it says "FEMALE" in huge flashing letters and someone will say "Glad to see more guys around here!" to me. Yeah, what? I mean, When I'm not sure of someone's gender, I use the pharses 'that person' or 'them', which some might think is rube, but it's better than being a chick and being called a guy. But, You know, that's just my fault, Because I have a guy in my icon. Because everyone's icon on every site they are on is a picture of themselves, And nobody on the internets lies, EVER. Especially about that whole icon thing. Because I instantly want the whole world to know what I look like (I know I have my picture as my icon, But that is because this is part 'social networking' site.)

So, does anyone have a free Wii they want to send me? I really need it for a late Christmas present, Because I'd never keep one of those for myself. And I'm posting this on the internet, so you know I'm not lying. EVER.

Also, have a smiley:

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I typically don't lie to people on the internet. I lie to everyone else in my life so much that it's refreshing to be honest once in a while.

And if what they say about pictures is true, you'd have to say you were female 1,001 times for anyone to be truly sure.
» Someones_Muse on 2007-12-29 11:09:31

I'm a geologist, and I always thought that if I was going to name a mineral, I would name it "amirite" or perhaps "inorite". That would be freakin' SWEET.

Don't worry, I know lots of people who used to assume that randomjunk was a guy, but they got over as we all got to know her. ;) The internet is just awesome because of the rawness of it all. All of the trappings of looks are stripped away and a person's thoughts are all you have to judge them by. I think it's an interesting comment to say that some people can't tell the difference between the writings of a man or woman. Maybe we're not as different as we think.
» Zanzibar on 2007-12-29 11:56:10

hahaha. i once mistook a fellow member in a forum just because majority is female users!!! and he got sick of all the gender question.. he made a public statement that he's a male. haha.
» renaye on 2007-12-30 12:43:04

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